Battle It Out!

Check out this awesome battle at the Montreal Swing Riot. You’ve got lindy hoppers against hip hoppers battling it out using music the other team would normally dance to. It’s cross over fusion with a heap of fun thrown in. Make sure to watch to the end where each team has a finale number.


Dance at any age

This is a pretty spectacular achievement. She didn’t start until late in life and is nearly 80 and rocking it. What an inspiration


time for a bedroom boogie?

I love his enthusiasm. Maybe it’s time for a bedroom boogie?

Are you a bad dancer?

If for some reason you think you are then please follow Yoko Ono’s lead and have “no regrets”.

P.s. I am of the opinion that no one is a “bad dancer”, anyone attempting to let the music move them is simply a dancer, they may not be the most fluid or co-ordinated but they are a dancer. I do however think that if you’re performing as a professional dancer that you should have years of training under your belt, have practiced for hundreds if not thousands of hours and be great at your craft, this of course does not include student recitals, haflas or informal situations where the goal is to be putting yourself out there, learning how to work an audience and get your confidence up, we do need to push through the awkward stage to become great but if you’re just dancing for fun (repeat this with me), there is no bad dancing.

Awkward beauty, strength and contact

This edition of the 16 films project for Sigur Rós showcases a dance duo who manage to execute a level of awkward beauty that I find really compelling.

Their movements are sinuous and gentle yet contorted at times but they maintain a deep connection with each other and the viewer. Some of the performance appears to be contact improvisation but likely it is just well executed flowing choreography and two talented dancers.

(note: NSFW partial nudity about half way through. There is also an ad at the beginning of the video, just hit mute for 15 seconds).

Movement beyond challenges

This one challenged my notions of what is possible. I was surprised at the elegance he has and it reinforced how thankful I am for my current mobility and ability.

HomeGirl Style from a 6 year old

This young girl just rocks it. She’s fiesty and talented. It’ll be amazing if she keeps it up, dad who was behind her seems very supportive so I’d say there is a better chance then usual that she will keep it up.

Goes to show you are never too young to rock it.